SNIP NTRIP: SCSC - Caster Status Report

As of Sat, 06 March 2021 05:52:46 UTC   [21:52:46 (Pacific Standard Time)]

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Caster Data Streams Summary

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There are currently 34 public mount points on this Caster, (hidden entries are not shown in the Caster Table):

Base Stations

The following 33 Single Baseline MountPts are present:
 MountPt   Status   Current Up Time   Content   Bytes Sent   Base Location 
AB50_RTCM3 Up10 Days 00:39 (HH:MM) (14) 98.2%RTCM 3.0131.987 MBAB50_RTCM3, United States of America
ALBH00CAN0 Up10 Days 00:20 (HH:MM) (11) 98.1%RTCM 3.21.129 GBAlbert Head, Canada
ANNARBOR_RTCM3-GG Up10 Days 00:43 (HH:MM) (9) 98.2%RTCM 3.2271.873 MBANNARBOR_RTCM3‑GG, No Country Set
ARLI3 [H]Up9 Days 23:15 (HH:MM) (44) 97.6%RTCM 3.1244.460 MBARLI3, United States of America
AZU1_RTCM3 Up9 Days 22:07 (HH:MM) (118) 97.2%RTCM 3.0246.816 MBAZU1_RTCM3, United States of America
CLK11 Up9 Days 23:34 (HH:MM) (87) 97.8%RTCM 3.1135.201 MBBRDC_CoM_ITRF, Germany
Demo1 Up10 Days 00:27 (HH:MM) (15) 98.1%RTCM 3.0131.863 MBAB50_RTCM3, United States of America
Demo2 Up9 Days 21:38 (HH:MM) (113) 97.0%RTCM 3.0246.381 MBAZU1_RTCM3, United States of America
Demo3 Up10 Days 00:27 (HH:MM) (16) 98.1%RTCM 3.0131.865 MBAB50_RTCM3, United States of America
Demo4 Up10 Days 05:04 (HH:MM) (0) 100.0%uBlox254.458 MBGlendora, CA, United States of America
DESC_RTCM3 Up9 Days 18:45 (HH:MM) (338) 95.8%RTCM 3.0230.793 MBDESC:Descanso Detention, United States of America
DETROIT_RTCM3-GG Up10 Days 00:43 (HH:MM) (8) 98.2%RTCM 3.2274.193 MBDETROIT_RTCM3‑GG, No Country Set
gisar23 Up10 Days 00:41 (HH:MM) (9) 98.2%RTCM 293.480 MBREDLANDS, United States of America
gisar30 Up10 Days 00:43 (HH:MM) (9) 98.2%RTCM 3.2242.562 MBREDLANDS, United States of America
IGS01 Up9 Days 23:20 (HH:MM) (88) 97.7%RTCM 3.1134.731 MBBRDC_APC_ITRF, Germany
LORS_RTCM3 Up9 Days 20:12 (HH:MM) (50) 96.4%RTCM 3.0148.218 MBLORS_RTCM3, United States of America
Minnea Up10 Days 00:41 (HH:MM) (8) 98.2%RTCM 3.1253.388 MBRTCM 31 NAD83(2011), United States of America
OLMP23 Up9 Days 23:06 (HH:MM) (33) 97.6%RTCM 2.3559.636 MBOLMP23, United States of America
P612_RTCM3 Up10 Days 00:12 (HH:MM) (35) 98.0%RTCM 3.0261.313 MBP612_RTCM3, United States of America
PVRS_RTCM3 Up9 Days 21:41 (HH:MM) (88) 97.0%RTCM 3.0230.571 MBPVRS_RTCM3, United States of America
RTCM3EPH Up10 Days 00:28 (HH:MM) (8) 98.1%RTCM 3.31.761 GBAssisted‑GNSS, Germany
RVDI00USA0 Up10 Days 00:07 (HH:MM) (10) 98.0%RTCM 3.2555.159 MBGreenwich_CT, United States of America
SCSC Up10 Days 05:03 (HH:MM) (1) 100.0%RTCM 3.0249.286 MBGlendora, CA, United States of America
SSRA00DLR0 Up9 Days 20:59 (HH:MM) (14) 96.7%RTCM 3.1249.077 MBRTCM‑SSR APC, Germany
uBlox6T Up10 Days 05:04 (HH:MM) (0) 100.0%uBlox254.458 MBGlendora, CA, United States of America
WASHINGTON_RTCM3-GG Up9 Days 23:53 (HH:MM) (9) 97.9%RTCM 3.2274.599 MBWASHINGTON_RTCM3‑GG, No Country Set

There are 33 streams available at this time.

IPs banned from connecting at this time, due to prior abuse

There are:
  9 IPs permanently banned from connecting.
  0 IPs temporarily banned from connecting due to recent abuse.
  91 Auto-Ban events have occurred.

The Current Banned IP list has 0 TEMP entries (sorted by IP).

User Agents Seen


There have been 108 different User Agents, connecting from 1,093 different IPs/Ports pairs (includes banned).
There have been 43 different NTRIP User Agents,
Here is a summary of the NTRIP Agents used:

   NTRIP BKG Caster/2.0.37    (1 entry)
   NTRIP Caster/2.0.21    (2 entries)
   NTRIP LefebureAndroidExtNTRIPClient/20200406    (3 entries)
   NTRIP LefebureNTRIPClient/20131124    (1 entry)
   NTRIP NtripClientPOSIX/1.51    (1 entry)
   NTRIP PointOneNav/0.0    (25 entries)
   NTRIP RTK    (2 entries)
   NTRIP RTKLIB/2.4.2    (2 entries)
   NTRIP RTKLIB/2.4.3    (7 entries)
   NTRIP RTKLIB/2.4.3 Emlid    (1 entry)
   NTRIP S10    (2 entries)
   NTRIP SNIP-Monitor/1.0    (10 entries)
   NTRIP Septentrio/1.0    (2 entries)
   NTRIP TerraSync    (2 entries)
   NTRIP WindowsClient1.0    (2 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/1.10.0    (2 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/1.5.0    (3 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.03.00    (5 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.04.00    (5 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.08.00n    (4 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.09.00l    (1 entry)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.11.00l    (3 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.11.00n    (12 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.11.06b    (2 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.12.00b    (22 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.12.00l    (22 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.12.00n    (43 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.12.00p    (6 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.13.00b    (13 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.13.00l    (46 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.13.00n    (496 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.13.00p    (6 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.13.28p    (6 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.13.48p    (23 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.13.50p    (12 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.13.51p    (2 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.13.52b    (2 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.13.52l    (2 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.13.52p    (17 entries)
   NTRIP sNTRIP/2.13.53p    (3 entries)
   NTRIP u-blox    (2 entries)
   NTrip experimental client    (10 entries)
   Ntrip experimental client    (4 entries)

UpTime Details

This Caster is currently set to allow Autonomous use (no account needed to connect NTRIP Clients).
Tables to non-NTRIP devices are sent as HTML for readability.
Rejection notices are sent as HTML Pages to offending clients.
All Caster table entries have been set to request that all clients send back NMEA-183 $GGA strings.
Additional helpful message content is returned to SNIP clients when connections fail. 
SNIP-2-SNIP support is Enabled at this time.

This Caster has been active for 10 Days 05:04 (HH:MM) 
    Servicing 240,695 user requests, Receiving 8.697 GB and Sending 62.502 GB out. (ratio: 7.19)
    Servicing 16.37 new user requests per minute receiving 591.45 KB/min and sending 4.251 MB/min out. 
    Servicing 982.15 new user requests per hour receiving 35.487 MB/hr and sending 255.037 MB/hr out. 
    Servicing 23,571.55 new user requests per day receiving 851.685 MB/day and sending 6.121 GB/day out. 
    Servicing 165,000.85 new user requests per week receiving 5.962 GB/week and sending 42.846 GB/week out. 
    Connections: 128,023  NTRIP Rev1: Clients: 115,517 Servers: 10  Rev2: Clients: 9,485 Servers: 0 TLS/SSL: 6  Unique IPs: 373 
    Tables: Have sent 89,770 Caster Tables  (2.68 users/table),  and 2,768 Web Pages 
    Lifetime: Have serviced: 7,719,144 requests,  Data in: 3.7207 TB and Data out: 7.7649 TB 

Available Web Status Commands


  Build:  2.13.50    released Feb 20 2021 at 16:05:47   [wPRO 21de2]  
  Contact Owner at eMail:,  Phone: 888-950-8747